Tracy Ambulance Service
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                                      Welcome to Tracy Ambulance Service 


The Tracy Ambulance Service has a long history of serving the town of Tracy and surrounding communities.  We serve communities in Lyon, Redwood, and Murray Counties with three state of the art ambulances equipped with Advance Life Support (ALS) equipment.  


The heart of our service is our volunteers and the communities we support.



  • 911 Response

  • ALS & BLS Inter-facility Transfers

  • Advanced Life Support intercept services to area ambulance


We are looking for Paramedics and EMT's to join our Service.  Call us or email us for details.



EMS Week - May 18-24

Join us on May 18, 2014 from 9am to 12:30pm at the Tracy Ambulance Garage for our open house.  We are serving all you can eat Dad's Belgian Waffles & saugages for $8.   




Member Updates: 







The Tracy Ambulance Service is an Equal
opportunity Employer and Provider.

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